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Junior Fuel Hockey Club

9022 E. 126th Street, Fishers, IN 46038      Ph: 317-697-0768

Our Mission

To serve children and families of Central Indiana through instructional and competitive youth ice hockey, in a fun, safe, friendly environment that fosters increased participation, improved skills, teamwork, and long-term personal and athletic development.


To be Indiana’s leading program for youth hockey by pioneering best-practices in player and coaching development, bringing the opportunities and benefits of hockey to our neighbors and fostering the growth of youth hockey in Indianapolis.

Core Values

WELCOMING: The Junior Fuel Hockey Club is open, friendly, and supportive. Policies and practices will be transparent and welcoming to all who wish to participate and we will communicate clearly with all members of our community.

AFFORDABLE: The Junior Fuel Hockey Club is committed to cost-control and programs that make hockey widely accessible.

FUN: The Junior Fuel Hockey Club maintains an environment in which players, coaches, and families can have fun while playing and learning together.

PRINCIPLED: The Junior Fuel Hockey Club acts honorably and ethically in every decision and activity.

RESPECTFUL: Everyone deserves fair and equal treatment in an environment where the physical and emotional health and safety of all is paramount.

FAIR: Junior Fuel coaches, staff, and volunteers serve all players to give every player the same standard of coaching and service regardless of what level they play.

UNITED: Junior Fuel is one club, regardless of where you play or what level you play.